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Enterprise Ireland is biggest investor in Europe and second in the world

Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s trade and innovation agency, is the second most active investor in seed funding in the world, according to a newly published ranking from PitchBook.

The ranking of the most active global investors by venture capital (VC) deal count saw Enterprise Ireland, which made 200 investments in 2019, in the number two slot globally and first in Europe. The most active global investor, with 285 investments, was 500 Startups, an early-stage VC and seed accelerator based in California.

Committed to the cutting edge

This rate of investment in high potential startups was not unusual for Enterprise Ireland. In fact, it’s consistent with its rate of investment in 200 or so companies annually over the past six to seven years. It’s also indicative of its dedication to building a pipeline of cutting-edge innovative Irish companies.

“As the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency, we are primed to invest in Irish startups, some of the most innovative and dynamic in Europe,” said Leo McAdams, Head of Enterprise Ireland’s Investment Services Division.

“We aim to support companies at all stages of their journey, from very early startup to seed fund startup and then through to scaling, with a focus on connecting them with international customers across multiple industries.”

“We not only invest directly in companies but also invest in venture capital funds so they too can support innovative high-growth Irish companies set to scale internationally. We also support a network that facilitates connections between angel investors and early-stage Irish companies that generates significant investment opportunities,” added Leo McAdams.

Bringing the Irish Advantage to the world

With 40 offices internationally, Enterprise Ireland strives to build successful, long-term business relationships between international companies and Irish partner businesses, which are inevitably ambitious and international in focus.

Born of the Irish culture of entrepreneurship, they spark to life and grow alongside global heavyweights in technology, life sciences and financial services that are based in Ireland. They meet the standards of these global leaders and also benefit from the support of a world-class R&D ecosystem. Combining all these qualities gives what we call the Irish Advantage.

Record sales in multiple sectors

And we’re seeing the Irish Advantage really come to fruition in multiple sectors, with Irish companies achieving record international sales. Take travel tech. Although you might not realize it, whenever you travel overseas, you’re likely to encounter the best of Irish innovation.

Got a tailored email from your airline? That was likely powered by Boxever, which provides AI-powered personalization. Rented a car through that airline’s website? The transaction was almost certainly due to CarTrawler, a leading travel tech platform. And if you treat yourself to a top-of-the-line rental car, its digital connectivity capability probably came from Cubic Telecom.

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Not only are all these businesses Irish, but they also all benefited from investment or support from Enterprise Ireland at critical points, as have many other Irish companies that have become worldwide market leaders.

Driving innovation and partnership

Across many sectors such as medtech, ICT and emerging technologies, Irish companies are driving innovation and delivering state-of-the-art solutions to customers around the globe.

In Enterprise Ireland, we seek to connect companies in need of inventive solutions with the Irish companies offering cutting-edge products and services and provide our international partners with a gateway to Irish innovation.

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