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Ireland: Leading in Creating a Modern Workplace

Digital transformation of the workplace has never been more crucial in preserving company culture, staying competitive, and enhancing customer connection.

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Why partner with Irish Digital Modern Workplace companies?

As a global hub for digital workplace innovation, Ireland and an array of groundbreaking Irish companies are delivering state-of-the-art technology and world-leading customer experiences.


Driven by the demand of it’s own modern and technically skilled workforce, Irish Digital Workplace companies have been at the forefront of introducing a range of innovative technologies and workplace solutions.

Technology Leader

A global technology hotspot, eight of the top 10 global software companies have their European headquarters in Ireland. The country’s concentrated tech industry spawns a rich stream of world-class talent and startups.

Unique Expertise

Enterprise Ireland currently supports a cluster of 50 Digital Workplace companies as well as more than 1,000 Digital Tech companies. These highly dynamic companies are recognized throughout the world for their ability to bring innovation in areas such as collaboration tech, workplace AI and Sales Enablement.

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How Enterprise Ireland can help you

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government's trade and innovation agency. Our goal is to build successful, long-term business relationships between international companies and Irish partners.

Access to Innovation

As one of the world's largest seed capital investor, we help develop a pipeline of cutting edge Irish companies.

Connect to Businesses

Our industry experts understand your requirements, and match them you with a shortlist of Irish partners that can deliver on them.

Get Direct Introductions

We make direct introductions to the right people in Irish companies, enhancing and simplifying your experience.

Tell us what you need and we'll find your ideal Irish business partner. See how it works