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Diabetic Ulcer Detection Device from Bluedrop Medical Wins the 2021 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge

Bluedrop Medical, headquartered in Galway, Ireland, was selected as the winner from over 50 global applicants, seven semifinalists, and three finalists for the 2021 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge. The challenge focused on solutions that monitor and limit diabetes-related comorbidities and complications. Roche Diabetes Care, a global leader in integrated Personalized Diabetes Management (iPDM), and MATTER, the premier healthcare incubator and innovation hub based in Chicago, have named Bluedrop Medical the winner of the 2021 Roche Diabetes Care innovation challenge. As winners, Bluedrop Medical will receive a $20,000 award, a one-year membership to MATTER, and the opportunity to pilot their solution.

Bluedrop’s ​​patented technology is the world’s first home-use device to enable a thermal and visual assessment from a single daily scan that identifies potential diabetic foot ulcers and creates an early intervention. “Diabetic foot ulcers are a debilitating complication for people living with diabetes.” said Chris Murphy, CEO of Bluedrop Medical. “We believe that Bluedrop Medical’s technology combined with Roche Diabetes Care’s deep market knowledge is a combination for meaningful change. We are excited about our collaboration opportunities.”

“Diabetes is one of the most pervasive health problems in the world, and comorbidities such as depression, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and neuropathy complicate an already challenging condition,” said Stephen Ranjan, Vice President and Lead for the Health and Digital Solutions franchise at Roche Diabetes Care. “By collaborating with start-ups that are working on novel approaches for these comorbidities, Roche Diabetes Care is able to accelerate solutions that address unmet needs for people living with diabetes.”

According to Bluedrop Medical, 25-percent of people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their life, and an average of 100,000 amputations are required in the USA each year, and the majority of these are preventable. In the US, the annual cost of treating diabetic foot ulcers is $17 billion nationwide. The average cost per ulcer is $17,000 with amputations often costing up to $60,000 according to Amputee Coalition. And unfortunately, after an ulcer heals, approximately 40-percent of patients will develop a second ulcer within just 12 months.

Bluedrop Medical was founded by medical device engineers Chris Murphy and Simon Kiersey with a focus on developing innovative medical device technologies in wound care and cardiovascular devices. The company operates with the belief that digital health and medical device technology should strengthen, not replace, the connection between the patient and their caregiver.

Jennie Lynch, US Lifesciences SVP at Enterprise Ireland says, “We are delighted to support Bluedrop Medical as they enter and scale across the US market. Their winning of the Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge is a testament to their commitment to continued innovation and patient-first focus. The opportunity to pilot their technology in the United States through collaboration with Roche and MATTER will ensure Bluedrop continues to help change the lives of American diabetes patients for the better”.

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Oct 13, 2021

Diabetic Ulcer Detection Device from Bluedrop Medical Wins the 2021 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Challenge