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Data extraction innovator Scrapinghub is now Zyte: New name, new AI-powered Automatic Extraction service

Irish tech innovator Scrapinghub, a global leader in web data extraction technology and services, has become Zyte. Crawling over 13 billion web pages every month, Zyte continues Scrapinghub’s original mission to give organizations faster, easier access to accurate web data that drives better business decisions.

“Extraction needs are changing, and after ten successful years as Scrapinghub we’ve renamed ourselves to Zyte to reflect the exciting opportunities of an evolving digital landscape,” said Zyte Founder and CEO Shane Evans. “Organizations have never been more reliant on data as the differentiator that fuels innovation and business growth, and our evolution speaks to our commitment to support customers in an increasingly complex data-driven world.”

As the web gets bigger and more complex, it’s a challenge for developers to keep pace with changed pages that break spiders, or legitimate extraction efforts that get banned, blocked, or blacklisted by overzealous bots.

Based on Zyte’s patented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Automatic Extraction lightens the load for developers who do not have time to spend laboriously maintaining spiders. Accessible via an easy-to-use API or self-serve web interface, Automatic Extraction short-circuits much of the manual coding associated with custom web scraping projects, reducing typical project timeframes from weeks to hours or minutes.

“We wanted our brand to reflect who we are and where we’re going. We’re doing more than low-level web scraping; we’re focusing on web data and putting customers at the heart of what we do,” said Evans. “We’re replacing much of the time-consuming and mundane aspects with automation based on our own patented machine learning algorithms; we have a new user-interface that makes it easier than ever to get started with web data extraction with instant access to news and product data, saving time, resources and energy.”

Enterprise Ireland works with the team at Zyte as they continue to innovate and develop solutions to help customers more efficiently extract web data.

“Along with their new name and look, the team at Zyte continues to make their mark in the industry with the continuous development of leading, innovative solutions,” said Jessica Baker, Vice President of Digital Technologies, Enterprise Ireland. “Their new AI-powered Automatic Extraction is a great solution for any organization that is looking for an easier, more efficient way to extract web data.”

Zyte will also showcase its new Automatic Extraction service and rebranding at a booth at this year’s virtual SXSW Conference held March 16 – 20.

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