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Ireland: Leading the world in cybersecurity innovation

Ireland combines work from some of the world’s most advanced cybersecurity experts, researchers and companies to protect the most security-conscious organisations from a new generation of threats.

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Why partner with Irish cybersecurity businesses?


An important global centre for more than 50 world-leading cybersecurity companies, Ireland has become an international hotbed of cyber talent. Many of the world’s cutting-edge specialists are operating in Irish-based threat centres. This talent pool results from a successful ‘triple helix’ ecosystem, that brings together, business, academia and government to collaborate on focused objectives.


Home to the Top 5 security software companies worldwide, as well as the EU’s most innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, Ireland is an innovation hotspot. Globally renowned deeptech clusters in fields such as machine learning, IoT and cloud technology complement a forward-looking cybersecurity industry that is pioneering the use of AI to defend against the latest threats. R&D centres in Irish universities and national research centres are fuelling this innovation in areas such as data, machine-to-machine security, and cybercrime.


Ireland is a deeply trusted country - with an international reputation for military neutrality and a respected track record in promoting international peace and cooperation. Not surprisingly, Ireland is the leading destination for data hosting facilities in Europe. As a result, the most demanding global customers entrust Irish consulting, managed services and technology companies with their cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Insights

Mar 11, 2021

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