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Last updated on August 15 2019

Business description

Manufacturer of self adhesive components for use in medical, electronic, automotive & general industrial applications.
Sourcing and converting of specialist materials for various applications – gaskets, shielding, bonding, filtration etc.

Products and services

ZAC diecuts components made from our own or customer supplied materials.

We handle large rolls of adhesive, foam, felt, foils etc. and can laminate several layers to create customer specific shapes and sub-assemblies for a huge range of applications: gasketing, filtering, sound deadening, surface protection, wound-care dressings, double sided tape pre-cuts and forms and foam spacers, optical films and so on.

Value proposition

ZAC has decades of experience in sourcing unique and technically advanced materials for an unlimited range of uses and then converting those materials into a useful format for their customers various applications. Examples include – skin attachment of electronics, bonding, shielding, gasketing, surface protection, sound management, emblem mounting and lens protection.

An example where Zenith Adhesive Components added value:

ZAC were recommended by a customer a few years ago to an early stage diagnostics company who needed FDA approved gasketing materials for a complex moulded cartridge. The material had to be sourced and converted in a cleanroom and presented in a way to suit the customer’s automation processes. ZAC ticked all the boxes and pushed the boundaries in terms of material specification, accuracy, presentation and delivery schedules.

ZAC showed their expertise and competency by meeting the initial challenges and currently supply 12 different parts for the cartridges, using a large variety of high-tech materials. As the customer has ramped up into high volume ZAC stayed ahead of all requirements and solved several functional and design barriers encountered during what has been an exciting and rewarding journey for ZAC and their customer. The customer has achieved great success in their field and now ship worldwide – even as far as the international space station with one of their products.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9000

Key partners

• Leading Adhesives and Materials suppliers from the USA and Europe

Need help sourcing a partner?

Contact Sheila O’Loughlin, Sector Advisor