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Business description

Vitro Software, formerly Sláinte Healthcare, is a leading international technology company that provide software & services that drive efficiencies and quality in healthcare.

Through the deployment of our proprietary software we enable healthcare providers internationally to create efficiencies while also reducing costs, reducing change management challenges and providing better patient outcomes. Our clients have achieved major gains in clinical and administrative processes, resulting in a redirection of resources and headcount towards patient care, with a minimisation of clinical risk.

Products and services

VITRO - Your Electronic Medical Record; your content, your care pathways, your business rules, your clinical expertise in your intelligent medical record.

Vitro is an Electronic Medical Record that replicates each hospitals or healthcare organisations current paper documents and their clinical workflow, by either replacing or integrating with your existing system to provide a complete electronic medical record. Vitro works by taking images of your existing clinical and administrative paper documents to use as electronic backgrounds, we overlay them with data fields and then add logic for clinical decision support. Once created, it is simply published as an electronic App, ready to start capturing and managing your data digitally and viewable in the patients electronic chart.

Value proposition

Vitro captures complex clinical data and allows the capture of clinician-patient activities in an efficient and paperless environment, thus allowing healthcare providers to extract and analyse data, reduce costs, improve clinical decision support and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.

Increase user adoption - Vitro feels familiar to its users as it replicates their existing documents and their related processes, ensuring user adoption.

A single source of patient information - Integrate patient information from internal and external systems into a single view in Vitro's electronic chartbook.

Rapid implementation - Implement Vitro into your organisation in months and not years.

Return on Investment – Vitro’s show value then grow value approach enables hospitals to see a return on their investment immediately. Vitro's affordable and flexible transactional pricing model means you only pay for what you use.

Additionally, Vitro leads to increased clinician time with patients by reducing the time spent on administration, a reduction in administration costs associated with paper records, and crucially a reduction in clinical errors and hospital risk.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Management System

Key partners

• Microsoft
• OCSHI Solutions & Services
• InterfaceWare

Need help sourcing a partner?

Contact Sheila O’Loughlin, Sector Advisor