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Last updated on August 15 2019

Business description

Synthetic & natural quilts, pillows & toppers.

Products and services

The company manufactures natural and synthetic products which can be split into 2 categories:

• Synthetic quilts/pillows/toppers: These products are filled with polyester staple fibre which can be carded or blown. This can then be covered by a non-woven, polycotton, microfiber and 100% cotton outer casings.

Soft bedding offer a range of fillings such as hollowfibre, spiral, clusterfil and microfibre. These products are made to British standard.

• Natural quilts/pillows/toppers: These are made from feather, feather & down and down in both duck and goose species and have a minimum of a 233 thread count 100% cotton outer casing. The company sources its feather, feather & down and down in Ireland and Europe so it can offer the full range of quilts/pillows/toppers with European filling only.

These products are made to European standard.

Value proposition

Service and Delivery
The company makes both its natural and synthetic products in Westport and this gives significant flexibility to match customer needs. This ensures that we are always in stock and can offer a high level of service due to our short lead times which is essential to our customers. The company does this with an experienced team which guarantees a consistent level of high quality.

Standards and certificates

  • Manufacture to European and British standard

Key partners

• Independent Irish Company