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The Beverly Hills Formula products are a cost-effective way to achieve a whiter smile and were the first brand in the UK to introduce its Money Back Guarantee system, which is still honoured to this day.The brand now provides a wide selection of oral care products ranging from the original toothpastes to new products, including Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert and Natural Whitening Expert toothpastes launched in 2011.The Beverly Hills Formula products guarantee you results after the first application which has been rewarded by the level of loyal customers we now have all around the world. From the very start and to this day, scientific advancements, finest ingredients, and care for its customers are still the top priorities for Beverly Hills Formula, the brand which has enjoyed its success for over twenty years.

Products and services

Oral Hygiene Products - Toothpastes, Gels & Mouthwashes

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