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Business description

Founded by a lead generation industry veteran, Maven TM was created with a clear purpose - to provide high quality, reliable lead generation services for companies in the B2B technology space.Today, we offer high performance funnel-wide inside sales programmes that increase demand and revenue. Our blended marketing services empowers sales; extending brand reach, nurturing relationships, providing business intelligence and generating new sales opportunities. B2B technology sales can be complex, with long sales cycles involving multiple stakeholders and extensive procurement processes. Sales teams are focused on closing those sales that are further along this process and often do not have enough bandwidth to generate new opportunities or progress those at earlier stages. We are passionate about representing our clients’ brands with pride; knowing we are trusted to deliver measurable outcomes. Working hard, finding new ways to fuel sales and marketing performance in competitive international markets.

Products and services

Sales lead generation & telemarketing services to technology companies primarily in Eastern Europe

Value proposition