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Business description

Geoscience Ireland (GI) is a business cluster of over 35 Irish-based geological, natural resources and environmental services companies; GI promotes its Member Companies in the development of water, mineral and energy resources overseas.

Products and services

GI Member Companies are specialists across the scope of value and supply chains for infrastructure and natural resource development, including
- Civil Engineering
- Geotechnical Engineering
- Environmental Consultancy
- Institutional Capacity Building
- Geophysical & Geochemical Surveying
- Project Management
- Lining and Remediation
- Infrastructure Contracting
- Mining & Quarrying
- Building Materials

Value proposition

Geoscience Ireland (GI) is a network of 35 companies, delivering integrated expertise in water, minerals, environmental and infrastructure development to clients in over 50 countries.
GI is supported by the Geological Survey of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. The GI network provides design, consultancy and contracting services to multilateral agencies, governments and the private sector.