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Business description

Enerit specialises in energy management system software and services and ISO 50001.

Our software is delivered over the web with a "Software As a Service" subscription payment model.

Enerit ISO 50001 software is now used throughout Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Products and services

We deliver Enerit ISO 50001 software that helps you:

• Get ISO 50001 certification fast – 3-4 months!
• Save time managing energy – 50%
• Save more energy through automated action-tracking – 5%
• Continuously drive down energy cost before ISO 50001 certification

Unlike Energy Management Information System (EMIS) products, Enerit software deals with all aspects of ISO 50001 energy information.

Instead of struggling to build and maintain an energy management system in-house, Enerit delivers software that all employees can easily use for ALL aspects of ISO 50001 – for a straightforward monthly subscription fee.
Rather than manual processes based on spreadsheets, web-tools, databases, paper documents and email fragments, Enerit provides an integrated, workflow-based product for ISO 50001 energy management on the web.
The software converts energy information into dynamic integrated action plans for your team to work together in driving down energy costs.

Value proposition

1. Customers get ready for a certification in 3 months by exploiting the structure of software.
2. Enerit saves customers 50% of the time needed to manage ISO 50001.
3. For energy managers with a track record of savings using the ISO 50001 energy management approach, Enerit saves a further 5% of energy cost by improved action management.
4. Enerit helps companies continuously drive down energy cost before ISO 50001 certification.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO0 9001

Key partners

• Energy Management Consultants * ISO 50001 Consultants
• Energy Control and Automation Companies
• Management Information System (EMIS) software providers
• ISO 50001 Web and Software Tool Providers
• Certification Agencies Training/Tools Division