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Business description

The Effective platform is the child of a happy marriage; we’ve blended seasoned compliance people with brilliant technology people. Each of our founders, Darragh, Billy and Colm, found themselves in roles where they felt the pain of outdated, cumbersome, paper based safety management systems. At different stages they had trialled some of the technology solutions available at the time but the consensus was that they were bloated, inflexible and expensive. They knew a smarter, more affordable solution was badly needed. Effective Software was formed and Effective was brought to life. Our purpose is to help organisations streamline compliance and minimise risk by providing the world’s smartest, most flexible, most affordable, compliance management system. Our ‘hands on’ industry experience enables us to quickly and clearly understand your particular needs. We then configure our platform to precisely fit your requirements. Whatever your sector, be it logistics, education, oil and gas, pharma, manufacturing, construction – we can help you streamline compliance and minimise risk.

Products and services

Software Development & Sales. Primarily Health & safety software provider, Compliance Software

Value proposition

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