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Business description

Dairymaster’s objective is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable. They have carved out a reputation, both nationally and internationally, for providing hi-tech solutions for dairy farming and are recognised as one of the world’s most innovative companies in agriculture. Dairymaster has won multiple innovation awards all around the world.

Products and services

Dairymaster’s innovative product range encompasses five key areas:

• Milking Equipment
• Automated Feeding Systems
• Manure Scrapers
• Cow Health & Fertility Monitoring
• Milk Cooling
• Heat Recovery technology

The continued growth of the Dairymaster brand worldwide and the increased demand for Dairymaster’s equipment is due to its popularity with farmers all over the world, who value the high performance capabilities of the equipment and the benefits its innovative features deliver.

Value proposition

Dairymaster’s milking systems are different, they milk each cow an average of one minute faster and typically deliver 5% more yield in scientific trials. The reason for this is that the vacuum profile applied at a cow’s teat-end is similar to that of a calf – a design unique to Dairymaster parlours.

Their focus is not just on the livestock. The milking machine can talk to the operator through the entire process like a dairy sat nav for the farmer. The Swiftflo Commander is the new brain of the milking parlour controlling everything to do with milking, feeding and animal health. It offers a new level of intelligence that takes command of each milking unit within the parlour giving the farmer the right information at the right time during milking.

The MooMonitor+ is bringing wearable technology to the farmyard and is helping to change the face of agriculture. The MooMonitor+ utilises technology from cloud computing, wearable sensing and big data to improve health and reproductive performance. It also uses technology from rockets and smart phones to give farmers real-time information about the health and fertility status of each cow in their herd.

The SwiftCool Milk Cooling range utilises smart technology to offer fast, efficient cooling and a more thorough and powerful wash system. The advanced easy to use electronics with two way communication with the tank via mobile phone gives peace of mind that the milk is safe. In addition to this, the SwiftCool Duo recovers 100% of the heat from the milk generating enough hot water for almost all washing requirements. It reduces water heating costs giving the potential to save over €1,000 if using over 300 litres a day.

Dairymaster FeedRite Feeders are an excellent means of accurately dispensing feed at the touch of a button. Each cow can be fed to her specific individual needs.

Dairymaster CleanSweep Manure Scrapers are acknowledged for unequalled standards of reliability and adaptability. Dairymaster has installed millions of meters of CleanSweep Manure Scraper track worldwide.

Standards and certificates

  • Dairymaster complies with the various standards and regulatory requirements in the various geographical markets around the world.