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Business description

Cashbook provides Cash Application automation software to organizations all over the world. Cashbook helps these organizations to achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. We also have tools for Deductions automation and OCR Lockbox automation.

We have implemented our software products with 12+ ERP systems, in 25+ countries, and across all major continents. We get your banks and ERP’s talking. Trusted, tailored software from cashflow specialists.

Products and services

Our Cash Application automation products are fully customizable to suit the specific business needs of your company. Cashbook bolts-on to your ERP and maximizes your Cash Management processes through automation.

Our products include:

• Cash Application Automation
• Accounts Payable Automation
• Bank Reconciliation Automation
• Deductions Automation
• OCR Lockbox

Cashbook has achieved the highest levels of automation for bank statements, lockboxes, direct debits, drafts, deductions, electronic payments and reconciliations in the market.

Our customer remittance library includes EDI, PDF, Excel, Email, XML and CSV formats for the biggest names in the industry.

Our library of bank statements includes BAI2, BAI, MT940, CAMT, CODA, XML, XLS and CSV file formats.

Value proposition

Our Cash Application automation software is guaranteed to reduce your current cash management costs and improve your business process efficiencies through increased automation. Our software is not an “out-of-the-box” solution, it is fully customizable to suit the specific needs of your company.

See below what our customers have achieved since they bought Cashbook.

• Up to 90% automation for Cash Application.
• 100% of electronic payments automated.
• Greater than 90% automation for Bank Rec.
• 50% reduction in time and resources needed.
• Standard payment process regardless of bank, currency or ERP.
• DSO reduced by up to 10 days.
• Reduce A/R processing time of EDI files by an average of 80% to 95%.
• Moved staff to higher value functions in the company.
• Complete audit trail for all payments.
• Reduced repetitive manual processes for staff.
• Reduced manual errors made by staff with automation.
• Reduced staff turnover.
• Increased job satisfaction and morale for staff in Finance Dept.
• Increased the bottom line

Cashbook works with all major ERP systems, such as: JD Edwards, BPCS/LX, XA/Mapics, Lawson, Baan, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, System 21, Sage, Smartstream, Peoplesoft, Epicor.

We get your banks and ERP’s talking. Trusted, tailored software from cashflow specialists.

Key partners

• Infor
• Oracle
• Cforia
• Cendien