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Business description

Bucas design, create and make high performance horse rugs and related equestrian products. Since 1981, when Bucas was founded in Cork, Ireland we have merged the great Irish equestrian tradition with the latest technical developments and experience from other industries, countries and markets. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of highly innovative and technically advanced products. From the beginning we have exported more than 90% of our products to markets around the world.

Products and services

Using technical developments in new technologies, Bucas’ products are designed to provide benefits that will foster good health, protection and comfort for the horse. The range of products include Horse rugs/ blankets, saddle pads, halters, shipping boots and saddlegirths.
As an example, one of the foundational practices fulfilled by the core Bucas products is to stabilize the temperature of the horse through the use of certain technical products – such as the use of ‘Stay-Dry’ linings and rugs that act in a similar fashion as a Pamper diaper – all moisture is removed from the skin of the horse and yet the horse remains dry – thus preventing chilling. Also, through the use of aluminium reflective coatings and anti-bacterial treatments that create a hygienic and temperature stability for the horse.

Value proposition

The business ethos of Bucas has been and remains to serve its customers with equestrian products that will provide significant benefits with respect to promoting good health and protection for the horse and good value to the horse owner. In addition, when the occasions arise, Bucas strives to respond immediately whenever there is a customer complaint with solutions that will satisfy the customer. We also listen to customer suggestions and in doing so enjoy some customer driven evolutionary improvements in the range of some of our products as well.
Bucas actively participates in public fairs and seminars with displays and presentations in order to engage with horse owners directly. This practice is very positive and presents, on a one on one basis, technical information that is beneficial in the training and teaching of the public about the needs and benefits of specific ‘best equine practices’ and fulfilment through the use of the appropriate Bucas product. Such consultations do bring benefits to both horses and the horse owner as well.

Standards and certificates

  • 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016 &2018 ‘Das Goldene Pferde’ for ‘Best Brand - Best Product’ with respect to Horse blankets for the German market

Key partners

• Represented by Agents, Bucas also works with distributors in the UK, Australia, Japan and New Zealand