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Last updated on August 15 2019

Business description

At Briody we are constantly producing new and innovative products by means of extensive research and development, so that we can bring the latest innovations to our customers. At Briody, we manufacture most bedding to order and have adopted “just in time” production techniques in our manufacturing process to more efficiently serve our dealers’ and customers’ needs. Most bedding orders are scheduled, produced and shipped to retail warehouses within 72 hours of receipt.

Products and services

Briody bedding manufacture a vast range of mattresses and divan bases. We manufacture everything In-House from our Bonnell Units to our exclusive Pocket Spring Units. Our range of products includes mattresses with Foam, Gel Visco Foam, Latex, Wool, Polyester etc.

Value proposition

At Briody we design, manufacture and validate high quality mattress and divan base products. Our services include design, manufacture, and supply chain management.

Our maximum lead time on all products is 72 hours, with a minimum lead time of 12 hours. We manufacture and supply these products for the Furniture Retail Industry across Ireland and the UK.

We boost flexibility, reduce lead times, improve response times by integrating our manufacturing system into a customer’s production cycle, and we are proud to guarantee continuity of supply by being a well-managed, well-resourced business.

Our customers are happy to provide testimonials and case studies that validate our claims.
We are priced competitively (comparable to the marketplace) and within the range of pricing approved by our major customers.