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Last updated on August 15 2019

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Business description

Boxever is a personalisation platform that uses data and AI to make every customer interaction smarter.

Recognised by Forbes as one of the most powerful examples of AI in use today, Boxever has been helping the world’s biggest brands such as Emirates, Ryanair, eDreamsODIGEO, AIB and Aer Lingus revolutionise how they engage customers since 2011.

Products and services

Boxever is a “brain” that sits at the heart of your tech stack that does four things. It brings even the most siloed and inaccessible data together to build powerful, complete pictures of your customers. It uses analytics to understand what they like and don’t like. It makes decisions about what personalised messages to show them, and when. And it decides what channels to use too.

In short: it uses data to make every interaction smarter.

Recognised by Gartner as a leading player in personalisation, it has been built for real businesses in a changing world. It’s here to help you break free from the segments, campaigns and linear customer journeys of yesterday – and engage tomorrow’s customer one-on-one.

Value proposition

With Boxever, our customers achieve the following proven results

• 10% to 20% improvement in conversion rates.
• 5% plus increase in revenue per week.
• 3 to 7 times more revenue per visit from repeat visitors.

Standards and certificates

  • Forrester - Boxever is named in Forrester’s Now Tech report for real-time interaction management (RTIM) Gartner - Boxever named in Gartner’s first Personalisation Engine Magic Quadrant

Key partners

• Oracle
• Adobe
• Conversocial
• Accenture