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Last updated on August 15 2019

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Business description

Bankhawk helps finance leaders to take control of unsustainable banking and payment costs.

Products and services

What do we do? Bankhawk Analytics delivers powerful banking analytics to bank's corporate customers, providing clarity around their banking and greater control of their cash. Using Bankhawk Analytics companies can uncover hidden banking costs and generate large savings. Bankhawk Analytics is easily deployed, enhances cash reporting and helps companies to improve governance and reduce risk. How does it work? Companies provide Bankhawk with access to bank account and merchant acquiring data for an agreed historical period (3/6/12 months). This information is processed with comprehensive analytics showing the efficiency of banking delivered back to the organisation in a dashboard format. Companies can then deploy Bankhawk Analytics' SaaS solution on an ongoing basis to optimise their banking following completion of the initial engagement.

Value proposition

Banks typically provide poor information to their corporate customers. This issue is worse still for companies with multiple banking relationships, multiple bank accounts and currencies, and operating across multiple geographic locations. Companies are unable to benchmark their banking against the market to determine whether they are paying too much for banking services.

Bankhawk helps companies to harness the power of their banking data. Companies can transform their financial management using banking data for instant insights and large savings. They can accurately track their cash and quickly identify efficiencies.

Companies' financial information is traditionally sourced from accounting systems. Tracking cash movements using banking data and enriching it with market data and benchmarks improves the quality of the information.

Bankhawk Analytics is a cutting edge solution that delivers precise information to companies, providing clarity around banking and greater control of their cash.

Bankhawk's mission is to serve companies by providing them with new and better information about their banking.

Standards and certificates

  • In 2014, certified as powered by SAP HANA by the SAP Integration and Certification Centre. (The certification process examined the software development processes, design and implementation of Bankhawk365 Enterprise) Bankhawk365 Enterprise has been added to the SAP HANA Marketplace.

Key partners

• PwC
• Oracle
• Accenture