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Business description

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aerospace Software Developments (ASD) is a dynamic software development company that specialises in standards-based RFID and B2B messaging solutions designed for the aviation sector. Successfully trading since 2004, ASD is an ISO9001:2015 certified company and all software developed by the company is GS1 accredited and ATA Spec2000 compliant. With partners in North America, UK and Germany, ASD now provides solutions and 24x7 services to over 75 airlines, MROs, OEMs and repair agents in the aviation sector.

Products and services

ASD solutions include the RFIDAero suite of business solutions which provides the functionality to RFID-tag and track components and security locations on aircraft and in the warehouse. Working with the vast majority of airlines that have adopted RFID technology, ASD solutions now track over one million items and 60 different component types and emergency equipment on aircraft. Our on ground solutions provide tool tracking, asset management, tracking of documentation, staff, components, and other RFID-tagged items in the warehouse, line stations and base maintenance facilities.

Our Spec2000 messaging solution, J2Spec-X, provides all the functionality to allow for Spec2000 messaging between trading partners.

Value proposition

ASD’s solutions provide an immediate return on investment. In place of time-consuming and inaccurate checks on aircraft, in the warehouse or toolroom, RFIDAero will scan emergency equipment on aircraft, components in the warehouse and tools in toolrooms in a matter of minutes with 100% accuracy.

On aircraft, RFIDAeroCheck will check for both presence and expiry ensuring all emergency equipment is in place and in date until at least the next check. RFIDAeroCheck allows for planning of scheduled changes, reduced stock levels and maximum life utilisation all leading to reduction in costs, a greener environment and greater compliance.

On ground, RFIDAeroTrack will use a combination of fixed readers and handheld devices to allow tracking and management of all RFID-tagged items at any location. All RFID-tagged items will be tracked as they move through an RFID-enabled environment and information can be shared immediately with the user community and other systems based on a sophisticated rule-based engine and without any user input.

Use of smartphone and tablet technology, GPS and Biometrics is also available extending the reach and use of the standard solution, providing greater traceability and full utilisation of all tagged items within the system

RFIDAero is a complete solution and is compliant with all of the existing industry standards ensuring that compliant RFID-tracked items received from trading partners can be introduced and tracked upon receipt and until time of despatch or use.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified GS1 accredited ATA Speec2000 compliant

Key partners

• Oracle (globally)
• CrossConsense (Germany)
• Trenchard Aviation (UK)
• Technology Solutions (US)