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Business description

For golfers of all standards, Hole More Putts is the high tech solution for one of the most challenging parts in the game of golf – Putting, accounting for 40% of your shots. To do this Hole More Putts measures the 5 Impact Factors defined by the PGA: Face Angle, Impact Point, Path, Speed at Impact, and Angle of Attack. The Hole More Putts Tablet measures the 5 Impact Factors defined by the PGA and records data for each putt. The Hole More Putts Website provides the golfer with a trend analysis of their last 5 sets. Each set of 5 can be analysed in detail and the website gives a visualisation of each putt showing the 5 factors individually.

Products and services

Creation, development, manufacture & marketing of a putting trainer - Hole More Putts - for the global golf market

Value proposition