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Business description

Airtel is an innovative technology company supporting the improvement of air traffic management for safer, cleaner, more efficient air travel globally. Based in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, Airtel began as a telecommunications company, moving in to Aeronautical Telecommunications in 1993. Today Airtel’s solutions can be found in over 35 countries and enabling over 6,000 aircraft to connect to the ATC network worldwide.

Products and services

The implementation of Data Link is key to increasing Air Traffic Control (ATC) efficiency and capacity. The Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) provides the communications technology to support these Data Link enabled ATC services. The European Commission has designated ATN/CPDLC a mandatory component on all aircraft flying in European airspace (Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009) and ANSPs must support CPDLC for all aircraft operating in EU airspace by 2020. The regulation also covers the operation of some aircraft which are equipped with FANS/CPDLC Data Link system.

Airtel ATN specialises in data communications solutions for the aviation industry and has been providing Data Link systems since 1993. Products include the Air/Ground Datalink Servers, Air Ground Routers, Ground Ground Routers and VDL Ground Stations. Airtel ATN also provide test equipment and test services in support of the Datalink network.

Value proposition

Airtel ATN is the only company in the world specialising exclusively in Data Link communications and we have been involved in Air Traffic Network Technologies since 1993. Testimony to our expertise in the area is that over 40% of European ANSPs use our Data Link solutions.

Airtel ATN is also the only company providing both operational air AND ground systems and over 6,000 aircraft worldwide have been equipped with Airtel ATN technology.

Our technologies are also used by CSP’s including SITA and Collins Aerospace in Europe, the FAA in the USA and ADCC in China.

We also provide versatile, portable test equipment and test services to test the Data Link Networks. Airtel ATN is a member of key R&D programmes in this space including COMET and SESAR. We are a mid-sized company based in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland and we are very flexible and responsive to customers’ needs.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO-9001 DO-178B ED-109A

Key partners

• INDRA - providing total ATM solutions for their ANSP customers