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Last updated on August 15 2019

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    Business description

    Afilias Technologies is an expert provider of mobile and web technology, focused on helping major brands and businesses reach their customers, no matter what the device, the content, or the context. We provide solutions to ensure content works in a fast changing web environment and have developed a range of award-winning products and tools to help support the wide range of mobile and connected devices customers use in today's multi-screen world.

    Products and services

    Afilias Technologies provides a range of products in the mobile and web technology space:

    • is the world’s leading device detection solution allowing companies to accurately identify and understand all device traffic across web, apps and mobile operator environments.

    • is a free tool for developers, designers and marketers to test website performance on mobile devices.

    • Afilias Technologies also publishes a highly regarded industry site and resources called which attract 100,000s of visitors.

    • provides hosting and web service providers with a ready-made service that their customers can use to easily create and publish a compelling mobile responsive website.

    Value proposition

    Afilias Technologies solves key problems for companies looking to reach customers on mobile and other connected devices. The mobile Internet is harder to get right than the traditional Internet because of complexity of devices and need to present content that works on a variety of device types and user contexts. Afilias Technologies provides solutions that address that complexity.

    Key partners

    • GSMA
    • NGINX
    • Varnish