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Business description

Accuvio is an innovative software development company, specialised in collecting and reporting sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) data. Built on the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1, the Accuvio software is optimised for global reporting of comprehensive Scope 1, 2 and 3 data.

Since it was founded in 2009, Accuvio has gained global recognition as a leading provider of corporate sustainability and ESG data collection and reporting services in the UK & Europe, USA & Canada, Asia and Australia.

Products and services

Accuvio's unique mission is to facilitate accurate & automated sustainability/ESG reporting across global operations.

Our software is used across diverse sectors to track metrics for GHG emissions, energy, water, waste & employee commuting. Accuvio is purpose built to ensure compliance with international regulations & maintain the auditability & integrity of sustainability/ESG data.
We automate the data collection/reporting process to mitigate human error and time inefficiencies.

Focusing on removing complexity through intuitive interfaces, we now provide 9 automatic/semi-automatic & manual data collection methods. To ensure the Accuvio software can collect the most comprehensive & reliable data set possible, we’ve collaborated with clients to develop purpose-built tools for unlocking the most inaccessible data including:

• Accuvio Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analytics
• Accuvio Energy Analytics
• Accuvio Data Audits
• Accuvio QuickConnect Data Automation

Value proposition

Accuvio has designed a highly flexible system that caters for dynamic organisational structures, applies global emission factors/unit conversions and generates instant reports for both corporate and regulatory reporting requirements.

Organisations that have adopted the Accuvio software have dramatically reduced their risk in reporting GHG emissions, energy use and broader sustainability metrics by increasing their data transparency and auditability.

The Accuvio software enables executive level visibility to the performance of any business unit with interactive dashboards and allows for fast and frequent internal reporting.

Throughout the year, the Accuvio software ensures organisations can keep up with their reporting requirements and comply with a broad range of local and international standards and protocols.

Achieving comprehensive sustainability/ESG data collection and reporting automation gives our clients reliable insight into their current environmental performance. This insight leads to impactful strategies for achieving their sustainability goals such as; reducing building energy use, reducing carbon emissions and operating costs, reducing waste to landfill, improved investor relations and improved employee and public engagement.

Standards and certificates

  • Independently tested and verified by SGS GHG Protocol GHGMI Software Evaluation DEFRA/DECC Standard 7 Kyoto Gases ISO 14001 ISO 14064 CDP Protocol

Key partners

• Carbon Clear (UK)
• SGS (Europe)
• CDP (Global)