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Business description

3D4Medical is transforming medical learning and practice across the world and is leading the way in the production of ground-breaking 3D medical technology applications and platforms. We aim to improve the lives of patients, students, medical professionals and educators around the world. We have been developing medical and anatomical products since 2009. Our software has been featured on-stage at Apple and Microsoft events, and is used daily in universities and clinical organisations around the world. Our work has been recognised by technology leaders and organisations across the world.

Products and services

3D4Medical’s flagship offering is a platform called Complete Anatomy. This platform has four different license types each offering specific rights, functionality and content. The Individual license – in-depth digital anatomy atlas. The Student Plus license – as above with networking capabilities and access to Courses, Video Packs. Cross platform access. The Educator license – as above with Curriculum Manager (a powerful suite of tools to edit, create and share content with students), a vast library of 3D learning resources. The Professional license – as above with a license to use in clinical practice for patient education. Developer License 3D4Medical now offers its technology and models as a Software Development Kit for other developers to include in their products.

Value proposition

3D4Medical have the most complete, complex and accurate 3D digital human anatomy models on the market.
3D4Medical also have their own rendering technology which allows them to develop features unavailable in any competitor product. The ability to cut through the 3D models in real-time. The user can also add growths and spurs to bone and soft tissue to simulate disease states and injuries.

Standards and certificates

  • 2016 - Apple Design Award Winner

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