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CliniShift provides a unique scheduling technology solution for healthcare organizations

Leading Irish based technology company, CliniShift, is planning for further expansion into the United States healthcare industry. A huge concern currently within the healthcare market is the decreasing number of registered nurses. The shortage of nurses has caused major staffing issues in healthcare facilities across the U.S. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, insufficient staffing raises the stress levels of nurses, impacts their job satisfaction, and causes them to leave the profession altogether.

One way to combat the issues with staffing and keep nurses content with their shifts and working hours is to implement scheduling technology solutions. CliniShift, an award-winning state-of-the-art communication platform, enables healthcare organization managers and their staff to ensure that every shift gets filled. This software solution is customizable to suit any healthcare organization including hospitals, community care centers, Senior Living Nursing homes, and home care providers.

Over 90-percent of healthcare facilities still use spreadsheets to keep track of their nursing and clinical schedules and hours. The CliniShift platform increases the efficiency of staffing administrators by reducing the time required to fill a shift. CliniShift makes scheduling easier for all clinical or non-clinical staff with its software application, which allows employees to see upcoming schedules, respond to shift requests, share availability, and message other staff members. The company also offers a unique implementation approach where they send a designated team of experts to assist on-site with the rollout, training and change management.

“As a former hospital CEO, I understand the challenge when it comes to filling vacant shifts in hospital rosters last minute,” said Aimée Madden, Founder of CliniShift. “I quickly became passionate about finding a better solution to this problem so that my focus and our resources could shift back to where they belonged, on patient care.”

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