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Cerenovus Wins 2022 Irish Medtech Company of the Year Award

This year’s Irish MedTech Company of the Year accolade was presented to Cerenovus, a Galway-based MedTech company that is a leader in neurovascular care. Cereneovus is a part of Johnson and Johnson MedTech and is recognized internally for its research work in the science of acute ischemic stroke. Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland, the Ibec group, and the Irish Medtech Association presented the Irish Medtech Awards in Galway on Dec. 5th to the Medtech community, which included 500 industry leaders.

Dr. Sinead Keogh, director of MedTech and Engineering, described Cerenovus as, “a leader in neurovascular care, with a broad portfolio of innovative medical devices designed to aid in clot removal procedures, that is committed to changing the trajectory of stroke and dedicated to helping physicians protect people from a lifetime of hardship.” He also commented, “As well as leading R&D in acute ischemic stroke, Cerenovus also manufactures and supplies approved devices to global markets,” demonstrating Cerenovus’s impact on a global scale. 

In response to receiving this award, Cerenovus general manager, Michael Gilvarry stated, “We are honored to receive this award. It is testament to the dedication of our team in Galway, the wider CERENOVUS team globally, our research partners, collaborators, and physician advisors who work together to push the boundaries of science, technology, and medicine to put new devices in the hands of physicians that make stroke treatment faster, easier, and even more effective.”

While Cerenovus is based in Galway, its reach extends beyond Ireland in a multitude of ways. They have collaborations with both local and international universities including the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) and the University of Galway. Additionally, they manufacture and supply their devices on a global scale. Cerenovus focuses on “the development of devices to treat strokes using our unique capabilities simulating the underlying diseases that cause strokes. These devices are then manufactured in partnership with the large supplier base that forms part of the MedTech ecosystem in Ireland.” Commented Michael Gilvarry, demonstrating the integral role Cerenovus plays in the overall MedTech industry in Ireland. 

Garrett Murray, Enterprise Ireland Head of Lifesciences commented “Innovative indigenous High Potential Start-ups, SMEs and large companies are integral to Ireland’s MedTech success.” The dedication that the global Cerenovus team demonstrates alongside their partners “push the boundaries of science, technology, and medicine,” contributing to the future of stroke treatment on a global scale. 

Enterprise Ireland is proud to support the continued innovation and development that Cerenovus contributes to the overall success of Ireland’s Medtech industry. 

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