Innovative, immersive VR-based education is helping bridge the knowledge gap and make E-learning more engaging and effective than ever before.

In this time of social distancing, the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the need for e-learning options. Students and professionals alike are looking for ways to continue their education, and to learn and train while they are stuck at home, away from school, the office, and others.

According to BusinessWire, in 2018, the global E-Learning market was valued at around $190 billion US, and that number is expected to grow at around 7% a year from 2019 to 2025. The increased prevalence of tech-enabled learning is the main driver of this market growth, and the pandemic will certainly increase interest in the E-learning market. The year-over-year growth rate for 2020 is now estimated at 10.17%, and total market growth will accelerate at a CAGR of over 10%. Nearly 40% of the growth will originate from North America.

New technology such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as AI, data analytics, and machine learning are making it easier than ever for people to experience educational content in innovative and immersive new ways. Many Irish companies play a part in this, offering up their learning platforms to people, allowing them to engage with content remotely. For example, technology now allows students to attend virtual classrooms, interact with instructors and peers, and have content tailored to their learning styles with optimum efficiency.

A host of Enterprise Ireland supported companies are coming on strong, advancing the technologies and capabilities of E-learning. Here’s a quick look at the innovative companies that are shaping the next generation of E-learning systems and technologies:

Enterprise Ireland- supported companies:

Code Institute

Code Institute provides companies with a cost-efficient mechanism for developing a pipeline of tech talent. Their industry-led and university-validated curriculum ensure graduates are highly-skilled, job-ready software developers with a globally recognized qualification. Companies can choose between online, in-person, or remote team learning, depending on its own learning outcome requirements. With a variety of delivery mechanisms, students can graduate in as little as 14 weeks.


Digisoft builds and hosts interactive multimedia for the pharma and life sciences market. CyberTwin, by Digisoft, helps Production Managers and Digital Transformation leaders who are limiting visitors to their facility during this time. A CyberTwin virtual representation of a facility can provide an automated or self-guided tour to visitors remotely. These tours can be narrated and include explainer videos for critical parts of the process and even allow visitors to see inside otherwise inaccessible areas. CyberTwin also provides an IoT dashboard for remote maintenance. 

Immersive VR Education

Immersive VR Education Ltd is a VR software company dedicated to creating quality education experiences for all students. Their core product is the education platform ENGAGE, that enables educators and corporate enterprises to share their own content with their global audience with ease in a virtual setting through VR hardware such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Students and employees can globally interact and collaborate- hosting meetings, private lessons, workshops, and presentations in a safe virtual multi-user global environment. 


Intuition is a leading global knowledge solutions company dedicated to engaging, motivating, and inspiring workforces to become better versions of themselves. The company works with clients to develop the skills and expertise they need in key business areas, such as technical and professional skills, risk and compliance, onboarding and induction, customer and partner education, sales and product knowledge, change, and transformation. By incorporating a range of digital content, assets, and delivery mechanisms, the eLearning provider conducts engaging workshops for a worldwide audience. They also boast a range of award-winning technologies to help unlock critical knowledge needed to compete in this new world of work

Prodigy Learning

Prodigy Learning is an award-winning EdTech business providing digital skills certifications, learning solutions and professional development for Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, and other technologies. As part of the next evolution of digital learning and assessment, Prodigy Learning remains at the forefront of innovating and developing new skills pathways and credentials in the education and corporate sectors. They allow learners to receive digital skills certifications from a distance. All that is needed is the online video learning software and the practice tests that can be taken offline on any device, anywhere in the world.


Robotify developed gamified coding to introduce children to the world of coding, teaching them real-world programming skills which they can develop into a hobby or career down the line. They provide students with the experience of learning to code using robotics. The robots live in the cloud so kids can learn from home. The Robotify software can be seamlessly integrated into any educational environment allowing educators with very little/no prior knowledge to teach code and robotics. They currently have a large range of interactive courses available online and are releasing new courses every month. Such as their new Mars course that shows kids what it’s like to be an astronaut.


UtilityAR creates Augmented Reality solutions for industrial sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, utilities, and data centers. Driven by the team’s experience in utilities and the industrial sector, UtilityAR is building the next generation of workplace and asset management tools for those industries. UtilityAR also offers a platform called ‘Remote Adviser’. This allows a more experienced person to use the forward-facing camera of a pair of augmented reality smart glasses to see what the local technician is seeing and to provide feedback to them on next steps audibly, using onscreen mark-ups or sharing their desktop while they are present and have their hands available to take the actions required to fix the problem. This function is especially beneficial when there is a need for limited personnel on a site.


VRAI creates data-driven VR simulation training for high hazard environments. VRAI has created HEAT, a Hazardous Environment Awareness Trainer which combines authentic virtual training environments with cutting edge data capture and analytics to improve performance, safety, and training outcomes. HEAT allows organizations whose activities are risky, remote or rare to train in a more authentic, memorable, and measurable way.

Irish digital technology is taking up the fight against Covid-19

All over Ireland digital technology companies are taking up the fight against coronavirus. Innovation is rapidly emerging in response to the global pandemic.  A number of critical solutions are already in the fray, with many more set for rapid deployment.

Tech for tracking

We know from the World Health Organisation that tracking and tracing is an effective weapon in the fight against Covid-19.

In Ireland, Waterford based software development company NearForm is working with Ireland’s Health Service Executive, the country’s national health service, to develop a mobile tracing app for the disease.

The potentially life-saving app will facilitate the rapid notification of people who have been in contact with someone who is subsequently been found to have tested positive for the virus.

Ireland’s HSE is just one of a number of major clients the company has worked with. Others include internationally known organizations such as the New York Times, US retailer Walmart, and ridesharing platform Uber.

NearForm was recently invited to participate in IBM’s Call For Code in Geneva, a worldwide developer initiative that seeks technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness, response and, crucially, recovery.

The new real-time symptom tracking and digital contact tracing app will curtail the spread of the virus and help eliminate the growth of clusters. As such it will be a vital part of Ireland’s national response to Covid-19.

Keeping a safe distance

Social distancing is a key protection against infection.

A new solution from Irish Internet of Things (IOT) specialist Taoglas is helping both public and private sector organizations to manage crowd sizes and social distancing, as part of the fight against Covid-19.

Called CROWD Insights, it supports the urgent public health need countries are experiencing globally to manage group sizes and, where people do come together, to keep them at least 2 meters (6 feet) apart.

Taoglas’ cloud-based analytics platform can measure, monitor, predict, alert and notify public gathering and social distancing breaches. It works in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The company is currently working with one of Ireland’s leading hospitals and in time will offer the solution to municipalities, governments, and enterprises, as well as healthcare systems.

The solution is quick and easy to deploy. It uses existing Wifi systems and collects anonymized data via smartphones. It can be up and running – remotely – in just one day.

“We believe this will be vital in the days and months to come, to allow people to move around safely without fear and to get the economy moving again,” says Ronan Quinlan, co-chief executive and founder of Taoglas.

“With a cost-effective tool to measure, monitor and manage people’s movement, we’re looking to help to expedite getting life – and businesses – back to normal.”

Taking the isolation out of self-isolation

Keeping in touch can be a matter of life and death right now.

International mobile phone top-up provider Ding is helping people around the world to do just that, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

Since the international mobile phone top-up company was established in 2006, its users have sent more than 300 million top-ups globally. In fact, Ding delivers a top-up every second, via 600 mobile phone carriers across 140 countries.

Pre-paid mobile phones account for three-quarters of the world’s five billion mobile phones but fully one-quarter of them are estimated to be off-line and in need of top-up at any given time. Right now, a topped-up mobile phone is more important than ever.

In March Ding, which is headquartered in Dublin, launched a week-long free fees initiative to help people keep in touch during a particularly critical phase in the disease’s progress.

Now Ding is focusing on its Access For Good charity program, partnering with Medecins Sans Frontiere (Doctors Without Borders) so that every time someone uses the platform, Ding makes a donation to support doctors fighting against Covid-19.

Getting in a lather about hygiene

Hand hygiene is important to public health.

Irish healthcare technology company SureWash has been working to ensure people all around the globe are keeping their hands squeaky clean. Washing hands is known to be one of the most effective weapons we have at our fingertips. It helps to keep ourselves, and others, safe.

Research shows that correct hand hygiene can be over 90% effective in preventing the spread of harmful germs. But it only works if it is done properly.

SureWash is an augmented reality hand-washing app which was developed in Ireland to provide proper hand hygiene training to healthcare workers, patients, and visitors worldwide.

It was developed by health professionals, in conjunction with technologists, so the the app ensures compliance in hand hygiene to World Health Organisation protocol standards.

What makes it even more effective is that it delivers its life-saving information in a fun way, using gamefication to improve engagement. It provides users with real-time feedback too, to help them improve their hand-washing technique.

The software system behind it also provides infection control personnel with the data necessary to monitor hand hygiene progress and to guarantee positive results.

In response to the pandemic SureWash made its app to the general public in one clean sweep, so that everyone can play their part in stemming transmission of Covid-19.

Giving news organizations the whip hand

Finally, NewsWhip, the Irish news analytics platform, has quickly become the ‘go-to’ resource for media organizations around the world as they look to tackle Covid-19.

A pandemic is by its nature global, which presents its own challenges in terms of managing news. But Covid-19 is also the fastest paced rolling news story this generation of media has ever seen. Keeping on top of it is hard, which is why NewsWhip helps.

The corporate sector is also turning to the news analytics platform, to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the virus on their brands. They rely on it to see what kind of responses – positive or negative – their Covid-19 communications are eliciting.

It’s why use of its real-time product has gone up by more than 25%.

As authorities around the world struggle to cut through all the misinformation spreading online, it’s good for all our health to know that NewsWhip is also being used by anti-misinformation groups, to monitor fake news and debunk myths about Covid-19 as they emerge. No one should die of ignorance.

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Irish handcrafted jewelry



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Shanore Trinity Heart Necklace


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Wrap Your Laurels Around Me Ring in Gold






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6 Color Check Shannon Blue Scarf

6 Color Check Shannon Blue Scarf

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Magee was founded on handwoven tweed over 150 years ago. Over the decades, the company’s design, weaving, and tailoring have been sought after around the world, by those who appreciate fine Irish craftsmanship. Magee’s charcoal herringbone Donegal Tweed Baker Cap is a timeless classic.

Charcoal Herringbone Donegal Tweed Baker Cap




run angel

Based in Cork, Ireland, run angel has found a technological way to show your loved ones that you care for their well-being. The run angel is a personal safety wearable that emits a very loud alarm to attract attention in an emergency. The free companion app provides peace of mind for family and friends who will be alerted when the run angel is activated.

run angel

run angel


For lots of other gift options, check out sites such as the Kilkenny store, House of Ireland and your local Irish store through NACTA!

Medtech Rising: The Irish Medtech CEO Conference will be held in Cork, Ireland on December 5-6, 2018. The event is hosted by the Irish Medtech Association, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

“Ireland is one of the top-five global medtech hubs, with particularly strong growth in the past two years leading to 2,070 jobs being added in the country,” said Irish Medtech Association Director Sinead Keogh. “Globally, medtech companies are innovation trailblazers. The Medtech Rising: CEO Conference this year will focus on innovation.”

In Ireland, as many as 68-percent of FDI multinational medtech companies already have some R&D activity, employing 1,229 R&D professionals and investing $210 million annually. But with global R&D spend to grow 3.7-percent (CAGR) reaching $33.5 billion by 2022, companies need to focus on sophisticated R&D and assume responsibility for whole product portfolios and deliver better outcomes for patients.

“As a small open economy in a globalized world, building relationships is more important than ever – that’s why Medtech Rising 2018 is a must-attend event,” said Enterprise Ireland, Senior Development Advisor for Life Sciences. “It brings together global business leaders and experts and sets out the latest trends, while also giving attendees unparalleled networking opportunities with both start-ups and FDI multinationals in attendance. Irish start-ups continue to gain international attention and perform well with over $115 million in financing raised by start-ups over the past two years.”

As many as 91-percent of medtech companies surveyed by Ibec have, or are planning to put in place, Brexit contingency plans to manage any disruptions it creates. Two-thirds identified disruption of transit through the UK to the EU and customs barriers as a concern, while 40-percent said it would impact pricing and the level of imports from the UK.

“With increasing political and economic uncertainty internationally, Ireland’s attractiveness as a location to do business is growing. Our positive, stable business environment and supportive government have enabled IDA Ireland to continue to grow the level of FDI investment here. We’ve seen $300 million in investments publicly announced in the last few years,” said IDA Ireland Head of Medical Technologies Rachel Shelly. “These investors are establishing in Ireland to service their global networks, while others are growing their mandates and stepping up in the areas of new product and process innovation. This investment will drive long-term sustainable growth for the sector. Medtech Rising will explore Ireland in the global context and offer CEO insights on new business models to ensure companies have the latest perspectives as they transform and build on their operations here.”

Contact your Enterprise Ireland Market Advisor

Doreen McKeown

 SVP for Enterprise Ireland Boston and Chicago Offices 

North American healthcare leaders look to Ireland to co-develop future healthcare solutions.

Enterprise Ireland hosts 15 leading and world-renowned healthcare providers from the USA and Canada at the inaugural North America Healthcare Forum this week in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, at which industry leaders will meet with over 100 Irish companies operating in the healthcare solutions sector. The forum provides Irish companies a unique opportunity to learn from key decision makers at the highest level of US and Canadian healthcare and further position Ireland as a world-class source of innovative healthcare solutions.

At the North America Healthcare Forum, three companies supported by Enterprise Ireland – Kite Medical, Meditec Medical and RelateCare – announced major new deals with Northwell Health (New York) and Lahey Hospital Medical Center (Massachusetts) with a cumulative value of over $580,000.

The North American healthcare executives representing influential healthcare groups including Cleveland Clinic, Northwell Heath, Adventist Health System Florida, Partners Healthcare and Lahey Hospital & Medical Centre, will share their insights on the key issues and critical success factors in the region during the conference. In turn, Irish attendees will have one-to-one access to clinicians and key decision makers in major health networks, which will provide valuable insights on the products and services that may be required in the North American market in the future.

With the US projected to spend $3.5 trillion on healthcare in 2018 and Canada spending $242 billion in 2017, the North American market is a hugely important export market for Irish healthcare companies. Within the life sciences cluster, Enterprise Ireland has over 200 exporting client companies, employing over 9,000 people with combined exports of over €1.7 billion.

Officiating at the conference today, Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys TD said: “The North America Healthcare Forum further confirms Ireland’s status as a global leader in healthcare. Ongoing collaboration and engagement with some of the world’s foremost healthcare providers gives Irish companies the opportunity to drive exports and employment and also to contribute to the health of the patient populations around the world. The Government, through Enterprise Ireland, will continue to grow this collaboration for the benefit of all parties.”

Northwell Health and Enterprise Ireland partnership

Keynote speaker at the event Michael Dowling, President, and CEO, Northwell Health will provide oversight of the strategic partnership in place with Enterprise Ireland. This enables Enterprise Ireland clients the opportunity to work with Northwell Health to develop and commercialize new medical technologies, secure joint ventures and provide platforms to integrate with US healthcare companies.

Northwell Health is one of the leading healthcare providers on the east coast of the US, comprising 21 hospitals, 61,000 employees and nearly 14,000 affiliated physicians, providing healthcare to over 4 million people.

“Through our partnership with Enterprise Ireland, we have been able to pursue relationships with innovative Irish companies such as Salaso, Technopath, and i360, and we’re now exploring a relationship with Kite Meditec and Meditec Medical,” said Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health. “What makes these collaborations especially fruitful is that we’ll be able to commercialize these medical technologies to enhance the capabilities of other American healthcare providers. Ireland is a world-class source of innovative healthcare solutions and this event is of extreme importance to both stakeholders. It provides a platform to vocalize the challenges within the North American healthcare system with a view to working with Irish healthcare companies to identify future solutions.”

Pat Breen TD, Minister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, who opened the conference, said: “It is of huge significance that Enterprise Ireland has been able to secure the attendance of such a prestigious group of senior executives from North America. This is an endorsement not just of the work that Enterprise Ireland has done but also of the progressive measures the Irish Government has taken to support and encourage the life sciences sector. The partnerships already secured between cutting-edge healthcare providers and Irish healthcare solution companies have brought about significant mutual benefits and I would encourage all who have traveled here today to continue this process of relationship building.”

Deirdre Glenn, Director, Life sciences sector, Enterprise Ireland said: “Through our expertise and overseas network, Enterprise Ireland is identifying opportunities for client companies in North America. Our focus is also to work with companies to drive their innovation and competitiveness and create companies of scale at an international level. Innovation is a key differentiator in achieving competitive advantage in North America. There are many great examples of Irish companies, such as those attending today who are competing and winning against global competition, through innovation and this fact is acknowledged in the caliber of the North American healthcare delegates attending the conference. Having world-class healthcare providers such as Northwell, the Lahey Hospital and Medical Centre enter into strategic partnerships with Irish companies is a great endorsement of what Ireland has to offer in healthcare provision and medical technology worldwide and we will continue to work to support our clients to further build on these relationships. Building on this, we have today announced that Enterprise Ireland has agreed on a strategic partnership with the Adventist Health System Florida.”

As mobile technology becomes the central element of connected commercial and consumer industries from automotive to smart home to digital health, Irish firms are building ground-breaking new technologies and partnering with the world’s biggest brands. Here at Mobile World Congress Americas, Irish advances include indoor location and communication technologies; software to securely connect cars on high-speed LTE networks; advanced antenna for smart city/automotive, MNO platform solutions, small cell, 5G innovations and embedded and secure IoT technologies. All of this technology, from an array of category-leading Irish brands will appear at the Enterprise Ireland booth (West Hall W912) at Mobile World Congress Americas at the Los Angeles Convention Center taking place from September 12 to 14, 2018.

“We don’t make the handset, the network or the car but we’re enabling connectivity, autonomy and exciting applications and experiences for each,” noted Sara Hill, Senior Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Enterprise Ireland. “Our pioneering client companies are key partners to leading brands in telecommunications, automotive, IT and smart city infrastructure and are now critical to the ecosystems that these brands operate on and the value that they provide.”

Enterprise Ireland, the Irish state agency for the international development of Irish businesses, is a major source of strategic venture capital in the European telecommunications, semiconductor, connected and automated vehicle (CAV) sectors. The organization also co-funds pure research in these sectors and facilitates strategic partnerships between Irish firms and global brands operating in these markets.

“Enterprise Ireland and our client companies have invested heavily in areas such as 5G, IoT and edge computing — likely the key narratives here at Mobile World Congress Americas — so you can expect a new wave of innovations, connections and commercial partnerships stemming from this show over the years to come,” Hill continued.

The companies exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Americas include:

Cubic Telecom designs software that enables cars to connect to any secure, high-speed LTE network.

Decawave develops semiconductor solutions, software modules, and reference designs that enable real-time, ultra-accurate local area micro-location services.

Openet is a software provider used by telecom service providers to analyze network activity by processing customers’ data use.

Benetel enables OEMs to increase the speed to market of the newest 4G LTE eNodeB Small Cells for challenging business applications.

Druid Software is a cellular network technology provider that expands cellular IoT solutions reach across many verticals.

Fijowave builds wireless M2M products that deliver superior range performance and can connect easily to the Internet for enhanced global telecommunications.

Firmwave delivers industrial grade Internet of Things hardware and firmware benefiting a variety of industries and applications.

Taoglas is a provider of antenna solutions for M2M applications such as Telematics/Automotive, Smart Grid, Metering/Telemetry, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Medical applications.

Alpha Wireless designs and manufactures high performance antennas that improve overall network performance.

Contact your Enterprise Ireland Market Advisor

Sara Hill

 SVP Advanced Technologies

Doreen McKeown, Enterprise Ireland Senior Vice-President, Life Sciences, Boston.

This month, a delegation of top executives from hospitals and healthcare systems across the US and Canada are coming to Ireland to discuss their greatest challenges. The inaugural North American Healthcare Forum takes place on September 18-19 in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, and will include executives from groups such as Northwell Health in New York, Adventist Health in Florida, Cleveland Clinic and Hamilton Health Sciences in Ontario. In all, visiting key decision makers are responsible for 30 million patients.

For Irish medtech companies, this event is an unprecedented chance to learn firsthand about the challenge facing healthcare providers. But the group is not just here to talk; it is actively seeking solutions. These professionals will outline the major clinical, operational and regulatory challenges affecting hospitals in the US and Canada, and their requirements for innovation and technology to address them.

The discussions will focus on how North American healthcare groups respond to challenges by co-creating future solutions with Medtech companies. The challenge is immense. The Rand Corporation think tank estimates 60 percent of US adults already live with at least one chronic condition; 42 percent have more than one, and as baby boomers age, chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are set to rise.

There are also growing problems with obesity and, in the US, opioid addiction, all of which puts extra pressure on a healthcare sector coping with budgetary constraints. The US alone spends $3.3 trillion a year on healthcare, or $10,000 per person. Healthcare costs are rising at a time when both government and health insurers are putting pressure on providers to reduce them, while at the same time improving outcomes.

One way to achieve improvement it is to transition to a value-based healthcare system focusing on outcomes rather than on the volume of care delivered. This can be facilitated by digitization and the data-informed decision making it enables. The sector is actively seeking Medtech partners to help develop the kind of innovations that have transformed other industries. Digitization can facilitate the emergence of hospitals as virtual hubs too, from where care can be monitored remotely, and increasingly managed by patients at home.

Ireland’s thriving medtech sector solves global healthcare challenges

Ireland already has a strong track record in the field. Waterford-based RelateCare is a healthcare communications consultancy and outsourcing organization that is fast becoming a global leader in the delivery of patient access and patient engagement solutions.

RelateCare provides technical expertise in healthcare contact center operations, as well as clinical expertise in the design and implementation of telehealth and clinical programmes.

In 2017, to complement its Irish operations RelateCare opened its first Patient Coordination Centre in Cleveland in the US, offering a range of patient scheduling services, nurse-led clinical support teams, and remote best practice support services. Cleveland was a natural location for its first US patient coordination center since the company traces its roots to a joint venture with Cleveland Clinic Innovations.

“Since we first started working in the US in 2009, we have been able to optimize patient access and patient experience for some of the most recognized and successful health systems, while simultaneously lowering costs,” said Conor O’Byrne, CEO of RelateCare.

When working with one of the US’s leading healthcare providers, in the Midwest, RelateCare’s expertise in access to care reduced the rate of abandoned calls by 28%, increased scheduling accuracy to over 98%, and increased physician visits by over 12%

Expanding partnerships between Irish medtech and US healthcare

A partnership between the Visiting Nurses Association Health Group in New Jersey and RelateCare “began with a successful post-discharge call-back program that made our patients feel supported and cared for at a vulnerable time as they managed their health from home,” said Steven Landers, MD, MPH, president and CEO of the VNA Health Group.

Based on the success of that project, the partnership continued to expand. “RelateCare’s telephonic interventions and patient communications have been pivotal in the growth of our patient experience initiatives. We share a vision for what proper home health should look like, and that is invaluable,” he said.

Such bottom-line results have been replicated by RelateCare at other health systems across the US, including prestigious names such as Lahey Health, Texas Children’s Health, Duke Health and Stanford Children’s Health.

Award-winning Dublin-based innovator Meditec Medical designs, manufactures and delivers cutting-edge technology in the area of pressure relief mattresses and therapeutic patient support surfaces. It is currently working with Boston Children’s Hospital to manufacture and supply pressure relief mattresses across its entire hospital network, including ongoing technical support.

Kerry-based medtech company Salaso Health Solutions, which provides digital solutions for physical rehabilitation, is partnering with New York’s Northwell Health to provide online care management services to a range of patients, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, and COPD patients.

Northwell is New York State’s largest health care provider with 22 hospitals, over 550 outpatient facilities, and nearly 15,000 affiliated physicians. It cares for more than two million people annually.

“We’ve received great feedback from patients, extended family members, and care coordinators,” said Souhel Najjar, MD, senior vice president and executive director of Northwell’s Neurology Service Line, and chair and professor of neurology at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.

Salaso’s software helps remedy the fact that typically just 20% to 30% of patients complete their prescribed exercise programmes, impacting not just outcomes but hospital costs, particularly as health insurers shift from fee for service reimbursement to reimbursement by the outcome.

New York-based Northwell is also partnering with Tipperary biotech company Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, a global leader in the development and manufacture of quality control products and informatics solutions that enhance the accuracy of laboratory testing.

Technopath products are used by leading clinical laboratories in over 120 countries. It is regarded as a leader in the in-vitro diagnostic industry, developing a first-of-its-kind consolidated immunochemistry testing product. Consolidation enables clinical laboratories to significantly reduce handling requirements, reclaim storage and minimize waste, leading to a more efficient quality control process and cost savings.

The two healthcare entities have come together as Technopath Northwell Health North America LLC, selling and marketing Technopath’s quality control products and informatics platform across the US, as well as utilizing them at Northwell Health Laboratories.

“What brings the North American Healthcare Summit to Ireland is our highly collaborative Medtech ecosystem, which includes government funding, academic support, and world-class research centers.” said Doreen McKeown, Enterprise Ireland’s senior VP Life Sciences, based in Boston.

Ireland is home to 17 of the world’s top 25 healthcare companies, a vibrant indigenous industry, world-class research centers and more than 450 medtech companies employing 30,000 people. For healthcare systems focused on the delivery of value-based care, it’s a first port of call.

Ireland possesses world-class capabilities in research with intensive collaboration between companies, research institutions, and clinicians. This makes Ireland a perfect platform for the industry to start, innovate and continue to scale as one of the five global emerging hubs for the Medtech sector.

“Ireland is an acknowledged global medtech hub,” said McKeown. “Leading US and Canadian healthcare systems see companies supported by Enterprise Ireland [the national export agency] as potential partners for solving healthcare challenges, helping them deliver better care to patients, drive greater efficiencies and reduce costs.”

Whether it is Beats Medical’s app for people with Parkinson’s disease or new patient engagement tools from Oneview Healthcare, to better drug delivery methods from Aerogen, Irish Medtechs are forging solutions that healthcare providers need. For the visiting delegation, Ireland is just what the doctor ordered.

Contact your Enterprise Ireland Market Advisor

Doreen McKeown

 SVP for Enterprise Ireland Boston and Chicago Offices 

Agritech companies present the future of farming at the famous Irish event.

For three days, the town of Tullamore will again host Ireland’s largest exhibition of agricultural technology. From September 17 thru 19, 2018, almost 300,000 visitors will attend the National Ploughing Championships. With 1,700 Irish exhibitors, and covering more than 600,000 square meters, this is one of the world’s premier agritech events.

Ireland has become a global center for AgriTech innovation and the quality of its agricultural products and technologies is known around the world. Every year, the National Ploughing Championships provide an opportunity to learn about pioneering products and technologies developed by more than 100 leading Irish AgriTech companies, including machinery and software solutions that save time and drive efficiencies. Many of the companies exhibiting are implementing the latest findings from top researchers at Irish universities to shape the future of agriculture.

The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena is at the heart of the ploughing competition, offering a snapshot of the expertise of Irish AgriTech companies. Almost 60 Irish companies will present new high-performance products for efficient livestock farming and agricultural practices. The best products will be awarded across fifteen categories. Exhibiting companies will explore partnership opportunities with more than 100 international agriculture professionals from all over the world, including Europe, North America, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Irish Agritech in Action

The range of solutions exhibited at the National Ploughing Championships spans the requirements of the entire agricultural sector. Ireland’s dairy industry, enjoying optimal conditions for grass and fodder production, has inspired the development of first-class grass harvesters that are in demand worldwide. The Irish agricultural machinery sector offers a high-quality range of innovative bale and wrapping systems, mowers and haymaking tedders.

There are also robust and efficient zero grazing solutions, and powerful equipment for the handling of feed – including mixers, loaders and straw blowers. Special sensor-based collars for detecting rutting cows and monitoring bull activity are also attracting more users. In comparison, robots or drones are an emerging technology, and are being increasingly found on farms. Milking robots are also becoming increasingly popular.

Exhibitors also specialize in aspects of animal health and welfare, crucial for driving efficiency and improving the quality of the food chain. Irish agronomy and the AgriTech industry have jointly developed solutions and equipment for livestock farming that are used worldwide. These include stable cabins, cow mats and the equipment of cattle stalls designed to support the health and safety of the animals.

Agriculture Innovation

Sustainability is a hot topic across the sector. According to forecasts, the world population is expected to grow to around ten billion people by 2050. Farmers worldwide are using pesticides and fertilizers to meet this growing demand for food. At the same time, soil and biodiversity must be protected. Irish producers are leaders in nutrient management for both organic and chemical fertilizer spreaders. High-quality slurry tankers, combined with the latest techniques in umbilical and trailing shoe equipment are central requirements, as is chemical fertilization using GPS and variable dosage. These Irish solutions deliver optimal plant nutrition while also protecting the environment.

Visitors to the National Ploughing Championships can see how this wide selection of highly specialized solutions work and get a snapshot of the future of agricultural technology.

Enterprise Ireland is happy to arrange meetings with exhibitors. Contact us for more information: Heike John, Senior Market Adviser for Agriculture at Enterprise Ireland:

A variety of innovative Irish companies are ready to connect and display their solutions at North America’s leading pharmaceutical trade show in Denver, Colorado

Total Store Expo, the leading trade show in the United States for pharmacy retailers, will feature over 300 chains, representing approximately 197,000 stores and $650 billion in revenue. Ireland is the only country with a pavilion at the Expo this year. These companies are already well-known across Europe and are eager to expand their markets into the US. Each of these Irish exhibitors are excited to gain a deeper understanding of the US pharmaceutical retail market and begin to build relationships with key decisions makers in the industry. Total Store Expo provides a strong opportunity to raise awareness of their products and services and how they can better enhance the US pharma retail industry.

The companies who will be exhibiting at the show with Enterprise Ireland are:

Cocoa Brown Tan

Cocoa Brown Tan is the world’s first 1-Hour Tan and has gained cult-status internationally among celebrities and beauty editors, from the pages of Teen Vogue to the Oscars red carpet. Cocoa Brown Tan products are sold in almost 15,000 stores around the world, from the UK to Scandinavia, North America, Russia, Australia and Europe. Cocoa Brown has revolutionized the self-tanning process. Cocoa Brown Tan consists of a wardrobe of different products and is available in over 20 countries. Cocoa Brown Tan is Ireland’s #1, UK’s #3 and Sweden’s #1 best-selling tan. In the US, Cocoa Brown Tan can be found in Rickys NYC and Primark.



The Freezadome, is the world’s coolest glass and is a patented innovation which was born at the crossroads of science and design. The Freezadome ‘dome’ at the bottom of the glass has a very special function – it draws the heat from the liquid, resulting in a cooler and more enjoyable drinking experience. The cooling technology of Freezadome was developed by a scientist who formerly worked with NASA and the European Space Agency, while the design was crafted by leading Irish crystal designers. The Freezadome glass keeps beverages cold for a prolonged period, keeping the beverage the way it was meant to be enjoyed.



Be found online, sell more in store. Pointy is used by over 6,000 retailers in all 50 states to effortlessly list their store inventory online. Pointy automatically finds product images and descriptions for products sold and hosts them online in a manner that indexes well in local search results. Just Google ‘shock top beer palo alto’ to see the effect.


Scope Opthalmics

Scope is an eyecare company located in both the UK and Ireland and now the US that is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and patients with high-quality, effective and innovative products. This family run company has a very successful history in healthcare within Ireland and the UK stretching back over 80 years. Scope offers a range of innovative products for Dry Eye and Blepharitis a category that is growing very strongly in the US. The products are market leaders in their categories and recommended by all leading Eyecare Professionals.



Tweak Cloud allows organizations to share, edit and control their brand design at a never-before-seen level of detail. The result is significant savings on design, agency and staff costs through real and sustainable efficiency. Tweak allows organizations to protect their brand and marketing materials while having full control over them 24/7. Tweak Print is an award-winning solution that makes it easy for small and medium businesses on three continents to access and customize great graphic design for print. Tweak works with some of the world’s biggest brands in online print and is the go-to solution powering their self-service design platforms.


Enterprise Ireland is delighted to be bringing a wide variety of leading companies to Total Store Expo,” says Catie Riordan, VP Consumer Retail, Enterprise Ireland USA. “This conference will provide these companies a valuable opportunity to connect with the leading pharmacy retailers in the US, and to learn more about the opportunities that pharmacy retail sector in the United States holds”.

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Catie Riordan

 VP for Consumer Retail in the US

It’s often said that Ireland is a nation of storytellers. Earlier this month, 15 leading Irish companies involved in animation, visual effects, gaming, virtual reality and other creative endeavors flocked to the entertainment capital of the world. Flanked by Irish Government officials, these creative companies descended on the City of Angels with the goal of forging links between the abundance of talent working prolifically in Ireland and the household-name entertainment brands in the US. Ireland-based participating companies included:

  • Dream Logic Studios
  • Elk Studios
  • Giant Animation
  • Gorilla Creative Post Production
  • Moetion Films
  • Piranha Bar
  • Sensation Audio
  • ShinAwil
  • Treehouse Republic
  • Usheru
  • VRAI
  • Vstream
  • Xhail

The delegation of Irish companies were joined by Business, Innovation, and Enterprise Minister Heather Humphreys, Enterprise Ireland CEO Julie Sinnamon, Consul General of Ireland to the Western US Robert O’Driscoll and Deputy CEO of the Irish Film Board Teresa McGrane. As part of the Government of Ireland-led Trade Mission, the representatives were introduced to top-ranking staff at major companies including Netflix, Cartoon Network, The Jim Henson Company, Amazon Studios, Activision, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and Disney.

“The creativity of Irish companies marks them apart and storytelling is in everything they do,” said Sinnamon.” They’ve come to this US market with a proven track record, they’re steeped in the arts, and they have the dynamism and ambition to succeed.”

Just ten years ago, there were only 70 people working in the animation industry in Ireland. In a mere decade, that number has grown to over 2,000 in full-time employment in the same industry. Many of these creative companies need no introduction, thanks to the plethora of Academy Award nominations, BAFTAs, and international recognition their work has received.

“The digital entertainment and animation and creative industry in Ireland has long been a cornerstone of our vibrant film industry,” added Sinnamon. “It has seen a significant growth in the last decade and it’s now an integral part of our digital creative economy.”

As digital technology has leapt forward in recent years, Irish animators and VFX specialists have become adept at creating unique IP for TV, film, games, mobile and VR/AR applications. A highly professional and coordinated industry cooperates at home and abroad to produce content that is highly marketable to international audiences while losing none of its distinctive magic.

Ireland has a rich heritage in animation and has developed a global reputation for combining storytelling, visual artistry and digital innovation to produce award-winning entertainment for the world’s biggest networks. With a strong focus on R&D, innovation, upskilling and new talent development – much of which is supported by Enterprise Ireland – Irish visual entertainment is set to continue enchanting international audiences for decades to come.

Los Angeles is the global epicenter for animation, VR, and gaming, providing Irish companies with a world-class venue to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, and gather knowledge. Enterprise Ireland is proud to partner with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses, and the research and investment communities to develop Ireland’s international trade, innovation, leadership, and competitiveness.

The full strength of the St. Louis healthcare industry was displayed for highly-innovative digital health companies from Ireland, Israel, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands at the second annual GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit on June 27, 2018.

GlobalSTL, the international company recruitment initiative of BioSTL, reviewed more than 600 digital health companies and invited 14 of the most compelling companies to pitch their new technologies — and Enterprise Ireland-backed companies CliniShift and HealthBeacon, were invited to participate.

Each international company that applied to the Summit was subjected to a thorough vetting process to identify the companies that had the best chance for securing a deal.

“We specifically select companies that represent compelling, high-value technology for St. Louis’ health care systems and corporations, come with proven track records, and have the ability to immediately enter the U.S market,” said Donn Rubin, President and CEO of BioSTL. “This approach has led to a total of 15 international companies with a new St. Louis location.”

The GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit offers life sciences companies the opportunity to network and showcase their offerings. By presenting to St. Louis area hospital and corporation decision-makers, as well as a cadre of venture capitalists looking to invest in new companies, this highly-curated event introduces transformational technologies to the St. Louis health care industry that promise to improve the quality of and access to healthcare.

Dublin-based CliniShift is the developer and provider of a communication platform that connects clinical staff with hospital managers for maintaining rosters and off-duty scheduling, which leads to cost savings and better workforce utilization. CliniShift’s ambition is to optimize the white space in hospital rosters with its software solution. Founded in 2015 by CEO Aimée Madden, Clinishift is already streamlining processes within hospitals in Ireland, and their solution scooped the 2018 Bolton Trust/PwC Innovation Awards earlier this year.

Aimee Madden, CEO and Founder of Clinishift, Pitching at GlobalSTL Healthcare Summit

HealthBeacon is an Ireland-based medication adherence technology company with smart sharps bins and tools for patients who self-inject medications at home. Founded by CEO Jim Joyce, HealthBeacon was born from a need to develop a practical solution to help patients take their medications on schedule, thus improving treatment outcomes. The company’s smart sharps bin technology tracks patients when they dispose of their medication, interacting with them to make sure they stay on track.

Kieran Daly, CTO & Co-Founder, at HealthBeacon pitching at GlobalSTL Health Summit.

Medtech growth

The medtech sector in Ireland has experienced growth at an exponential rate over the past decade, growing from 50 to 250 medtech companies within just 20 years. Currently, 13 of the top 15 global medical technology companies are based in Ireland, and the sector employs an impressive 38,000 workers throughout the country.

Ireland possess world-class capabilities in research with intensive collaboration between companies, research institutions and clinicians — making Ireland a perfect platform for the industry to start, innovate and continue to scale as one of the five major global hubs for the medical technology sector.

Enterprise Ireland, the Irish national export agency, is proud to work with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, and innovate. This year, several leading Irish commercial aviation companies exhibited at the MRO Americas Show, April 10 through 12, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.


“This is the exhibition and conference where airlines, suppliers, and industry experts converge to define the aviation maintenance industry,” said Randy Bounds, SVP of Aerospace & Agribusiness at Enterprise Ireland. “We’re very pleased to have Irish companies featured prominently within this important trade event.”

MRO Americas provides a world-class venue for all those involved in the MRO sector to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge. This year’s Enterprise Ireland client companies who exhibited at MRO included:


Eirtech Aviation Services, a world-leading aviation services company providing tailor-made engineering services, advanced composite repair services, and asset management solutions that ensure regulatory.


Aerospace Software Developments is a leading provider of RFID solutions that address all business requirements and tracking of emergency equipment, components, staff, paper documentation, tools, and assets.


JB Roche, designer and manufacturer of unique rapid deploy maintenance solutions for the aviation industry. Their shelters are used by MROs and airlines worldwide helping to drive down maintenance costs.


Shannon International Aviation Services Centre is home to the largest aerospace and aviation cluster in Ireland and has been at the heart of international aviation for more than 70 years.


TEAM Accessories specializes in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of a wide variety of aviation engines and airframes and is fully approved and regulated by standards authorities.


Instant UpRight, a global provider of access solutions, manufacturing and supplying the worlds leading instant alloy tower system and custom-engineered scaffolding access solutions for the aviation, power generation and industrial markets.


Enterprise Ireland is committed to connecting US customers with Irish export companies that can deliver on their specific challenges. Innovative, flexible and trusted – Irish companies are delivering a competitive advantage in all sectors in the US and around the world. Ireland’s uniquely open, fast-moving and collaborative economy develops people and companies with an unequaled track record of meeting the needs of global market leaders.


As global investment in aerospace and aviation continues to grow, Irish companies are offering highly innovative and tailored solutions to world leaders. Ireland is emerging as a global hub to service the needs of the rapidly growing aerospace and aviation industries: over 250 Irish companies are actively involved in aerospace/aviation and over 40 percent of the world’s fleet of leased aircraft are owned and managed from Ireland.


Supported by world-class STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and strong ties between academic research and industry, Ireland has developed key strengths in areas such as logistical solutions, high-tech machine components, surface treatments, and materials. All of these serve to deliver superior operational performance, and ultimately, increased profitability for their US and global customers.




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Randy Bounds

SVP of Aerospace and Agribusiness                 +15127925492