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ApisProtect Announces U.S. Launch of Commercial Honey Bee Monitoring Platform

ApisProtect, a bee monitoring innovator, has announced the U.S. launch of its powerful commercial honey bee monitoring platform after extensive early successes. Revolutionizing in-hive sensing, ApisProtect gives beekeepers an easy way to monitor the condition of their colonies remotely in real-time so they can improve colony health. Designed in conjunction with commercial beekeepers for commercial beekeepers, ApisProtect provides the most robust, unobtrusive, and cost-effective solution on the market.

“Our science-based honey bee monitoring technology empowers beekeepers to manage their apiaries more efficiently, reduce labor and transport costs, and focus on cultivating larger and stronger colonies. Using ApisProtect, beekeepers can generate an additional $98 of value from each hive per year,” said Fiona Edwards Murphy Ph.D., CEO of ApisProtect.

In trials monitoring the condition of more than 20 million honey bees worldwide, ApisProtect drove a variety of operational improvements that created an opportunity to increase hive count and productivity. ApisProtect provides real-time hive monitoring powered by IoT and machine learning technology. Commercial beekeepers in the United States will now be able to drive operational improvements, including increased labor efficiencies of up to 50% and reduced transportation costs during pollination by up to 25%.

Beekeepers often rely on costly, time-consuming manual hive checks to understand their operation. However, ApisProtect research shows that 80% of manual hive inspections do not require any action on hives but disrupt the bees and risk the loss of a queen. With ApisProtect, commercial beekeepers can now safely identify and respond to disease, pests, and other hive problems faster than ever before, thereby increasing colony size and preventing colony loss. ApisProtect lets beekeepers know immediately when specific hives need attention within their operation, as well as which hives are most productive.

With more than 15 million anonymized data sets fueling its machine learning system, ApisProtect gives commercial beekeepers access to the most comprehensive real-time bee monitoring network. Key features include:

  • Easy hardware installation in existing hives – less than one minute per hive
  • In-hive IoT sensors with long-range, cellular and satellite-powered communication
  • Real-time, continuous monitoring of hive conditions and activity levels
  • Comprehensive early warning system to prevent hive deterioration or loss
  • Immediate alerts delivering actionable insights when specific hives need attention

Pádraig Whelan Ph.D., chief science officer of ApisProtect, added, “We provide beekeepers with an instant condition report on each hive so they can identify strong hives to travel to the almond orchards. This ensures beekeepers can fulfill their pollination contracts, earn bonuses, and increase productivity for growers. ApisProtect works with the beekeepers to ensure they have the strongest hives to maximize revenue from the pollination season. Critically, we give beekeepers control of their information and data, enabling them to maximize the value to their operation.”

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Dec 16, 2020

ApisProtect Announces U.S. Launch of Commercial Honey Bee Monitoring Platform