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APC expands its US presence with new offices in Cambridge, MA

Responding to the growth in its client base in the Cambridge and the greater Boston area, APC is establishing a dedicated presence in the locale to better serve the needs of those clients requiring state-of-the-art API process development services in both large and small molecules.

Initially, business development, marketing and project management services will operate from the new office space, with the potential for process development laboratory space being planned for the medium term. Further to this, and in support of developing the Boston market, APC is expanding its US sales team with the appointment of a new Business Development Director position to this area.

“Having a presence local to some of our key clients will allow APC to better identify and serve their chemical and bioprocess development needs,’’ said David Downey, Chief Commercial Officer of APC.

This growth follows on from the completion of a $10m investment growing APC’s market-leading R&D facilities in Dublin to 60,000 sq. ft., including the joint-investment of over $2m with a client partner to successfully launch a biologics pilot plant facility, complete with fully-integrated Process analytical Technology (PAT) and process modelling, capable of handling up to 500 L scale manufacturing processes.

“This expansion reflects APC’s continued growth within the US market,” said Jennie Lynch, Vice President Life Sciences in Enterprise Ireland Boston. “And is also evidence to the growing demand for their specialized process development services within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.”

Mark Barrett, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of APC, explained that his company continues to invest to meet the needs of their client partners.

“We recognize the proximity of APC services and personnel to our clients as being a key focus for our ongoing global growth,” said Barrett. “In tandem with significant capital investment at our Dublin headquarters, APC will continue to invest to provide first in class API process development services in both large and small molecules.”

By accelerating the development of quality, life-changing medicines to patients, APC utilizes its state-of-the-art technology platforms across chemical and biological molecules to reduce time, cost and risk. Headquartered in Dublin and partnering with 8 of the top-10 global pharmaceutical, and 5 of the top-10 biotechnology companies, APC provides its services globally.

APC combines technologies ranging from process modelling, automated lab reactors and PAT with in-house developed capabilities in continuous processing, process control, and advanced analytics to empower the development of synthetic and biologic medicines.

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