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Ireland: The future of farming starts here

Heritage meets innovation in Ireland’s homegrown agritech industry. Cutting-edge Irish companies are leading the way and pioneering global solutions that drive efficiency and growth.

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Why partner with Irish agritech companies?

Irish agritech is making a global impact, delivering forward-thinking solutions to some of the industry’s greatest challenges


Ireland is leading the way with technology solutions that improve agricultural efficiency through greater automation. By applying AI and IoT technology such as wearable devices, Irish companies are helping livestock farmers to improve yields while minimising waste.


Ireland is one of the world’s most profitable and efficient agricultural economies. Its agritech industry has developed an advanced system that naturally focuses on high yields and efficient methods.


Agriculture in Ireland is synonymous with quality and its grass, milk and beef output are globally renowned. This legacy has always been supported by high-quality equipment and has created a world-class agricultural engineering industry.

Agritech Insights

Dec 16, 2020

ApisProtect Announces U.S. Launch of Commercial Honey Bee Monitoring Platform

Ireland is renowned for its agricultural systems

A strong farming heritage and cutting-edge technologies have made Ireland a global centre for agritech quality and innovation

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