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Ireland: The Future of Wireless, 5G and Connected Devices

With a legacy of innovation, Irish companies are shaping the future of the wireless and Internet of Things market.

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Why partner with Irish 5G and Wireless companies?

Irish wireless is making a global impact, delivering forward-thinking solutions to some of the industry’s greatest challenges.


Ireland is leading the way with technology solutions that improve today's wireless networks. Irish technologies are driving 5G innovation and profitability and helping launch the next generation of wireless networks. End-to-end wireless solutions, direct from Ireland.

Hardware and Software

Irish engineering provides both the hardware and software that makes 5g networks go. Irish companies offer BSS/OSS, antennas, private networks, AI for network planning, and more.

Wireless Pioneers

Ireland has a strong history of innovation in the telecom arena – Aldiscon, an Irish company, developed the world’s first SMS texting application in the early 1990s. Today, leading Irish companies continue to innovate on the global stage.

Wireless and 5G Insights

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