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2022 Enterprise Ireland US Holiday Gift Guide

It’s officially the Holiday season, and if you haven’t checked off your shopping list yet, consider the gifts of Ireland. In the guide below, we are spotlighting the fantastic skincare and beauty products, apparel, jewelry, and more from 12 Irish companies we are proud to work with at Enterprise Ireland. These items carry Irish heritage, values, and innovation that you can share with your friends and family.


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 Treat yourself to the gift of luxurious skincare that is not only good for your skin but good for the environment. Seabody uses ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coastline to create sustainable skincare and food supplement products. Their team uses a science-based approach to develop new products and is committed to continuing to highlight the benefits of seaweed in cosmetics. Shop sea to self products here!

 Dubarry Boots

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Born in Ballinasloe on Ireland’s West Coast, Dubarry of Ireland has maintained its excellent reputation in designing and manufacturing fine leather shoes. Their specialization in moccasin deck shoes has led to the development of their modern moccasin. The comfort, style, and non-slip soles make the moccasins perfect for day-to-day wear. Shop moccasins here!

 IrelandsEye Knitwear

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Keep warm this Winter with knit sweaters from Ireland’s Eye. What started as Jim O’Sullivan knitting sweaters in his garage has turned into a three-generation family business. Your sweater may not be hand knit by Jim, but the quality and craftsmanship remain. Not only do they pride themselves on sustainable business practices, but your sweater is inspired by the flora and fauna of the company’s namesake, Irelands Eye. Explore Ireland’s Eye here!

Foxford Woollen Mills

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Foxford Woolen Mills has remained a large part of the Foxford community for over 130 years. From pure luxury cashmere to world-class bedlinen, you are sure to be wrapped in luxury no matter what you buy. Learn more here!

Lee Valley

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This family business has grown over the past 36 years from their original flannel grandfather shirts to flannel sleepwear, organic shirts, tweed vests, and more! What started as an at-home project has turned into a global product loved by many. Enjoy their traditional Irish-styled grandfather shirts, or explore how their product lines have grown over the years. Learn about their products here!

 Max Benjamin

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Max Benajmin candles are made with natural soy wax which is an environmentally friendly way to have a cleaner burn in your home than paraffin wax. In addition, all packaging is fully recyclable with the intention of minimizing waste and practicing clean business. Their studio is based in Wicklow hills which holds their fragrance library, as well as inspires their products in addition to their family and surroundings.

Shop their best selling products here!

 Hanna Hats of Donegal

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Inspired by Ireland’s northwest coast and generations of hat makers, Hanna Hats immaculately designs timeless pieces. Many of the artisan methods have been carried throughout the generations holding Hannah Hats as the last operating commercial headwear workshop in Ireland. Find out more about their story and products here.


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Sustainability is at the heart of Chupi and can be seen through product sourcing, production, and packaging. All products are made in Ireland with 100% recycled gold and diamonds that are certified through the Kimberley Process. Besides the luxurious velvet box which is meant to be kept as a keepsake, all Chupi packaging is fully recyclable. You can plan a digital or in-person appointment to find your next forever piece. Discover their jewelry here!

 Green Angel Skincare

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Holistic, natural, and revolutionary, Geen Angel has unbeatable products creating amazing results. A beautifully natural product inspired from the product to the packaging from the Irish sea. Visit the flagship store in Wicklow to explore the many ingredients Green Angel has to offer or shop online here!

 My Name is TED

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My Name is Ted is a family-owned leather business founded in 1942 by Ted Carbery using only his left hand and mouth. The company designs luxury leather bags where every detail is intricately thought out for generations of use. Learn more about Ted’s story and their products here.


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Skingredients is a results-driven, award-winning company created by expert dermal facialist, skin tutor + bestselling author Jennifer Rock. Their products contain scientifically-proven active ingredients and can be used by anyone with all types of skin. Learn more about their skincare products here.

Inis – Fragrances of Ireland

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For those times when you need a bit of the sea, Inis flawlessly encapsulates the sweet Irish oceanside anywhere you are. They are a family-owned Irish company that gives back to our planet and are entirely against animal testing. Discover the smell of the Sea here.

These Irish companies are sharing the best of Ireland from the smells of the Sea to skincare based on science. We love supporting and using these products year-round, and we hope you see some of these Irish gifts under your tree this year!

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