The Irish Advantage

Innovative, flexible and trusted – Irish companies are delivering a competitive advantage in all sectors in the US and around the world. Ireland’s uniquely open, fast-moving and collaborative economy develops people and companies with an unequalled track record of meeting the needs of global market leaders.

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Supply chain in the world

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With over 30 international offices, five of which are in the US, Enterprise Ireland is committed to matching US customers with Irish export companies that can deliver on their specific challenges. Our local sectoral specialists help identify the ideal Irish partner to address your innovation challenges, improve efficiency or meet sub-supply needs.

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Building on strong domestic capability, Ireland’s construction services sector has produced a diverse array of major players in many global markets.


Recognised as a major centre of excellence in the medical technologies sector, Ireland’s Medtech cluster is one of the Top 5 globally.


Delivering the technology that drives payments and regulation globally.

Success Stories


Irish software firm empowers those with cognitive disabilities, delivers unique service to the US

Ireland-based tech company, Avail Support, has developed a unique digital educational platform that promotes learning and independence for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. By maximizing the learner’s personal strengths, the avail™ system…


‘The industry that forgot about security’ – How Irish start-up Nova Leah’s innovations will help deliver a brighter future for the global healthcare sector

Co-founder and CEO Anita Finnegan explains how its Irish advantage has driven Nova Leah from a college spin-off to a global player in just a few months. In May of…


How innovative power solutions are helping one Irish engineering firm to create a buzz

E+I Engineering has developed innovative distribution systems that greatly reduce installation times. As the world becomes smaller and more interconnected, it also becomes more competitive for business. With customers enjoying…

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June 14 2018

Why Ireland is Now Recognized as a New Global Fintech Hub

It doesn’t take an expert to see that the financial world is experiencing major change. According to PWC’s Global Fintech Report 2017, 80% of senior financial service experts surveyed are…
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June 8 2018

How technology continues to shape digital health

 Donal Cummings, VP of Digital Health and Life Sciences at Enterprise Ireland, Chicago, describes how digital health is expected to change in the years ahead. Technology is an increasingly important part of…
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